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After consider all circumstances, i decide to stop giving u pressure. I think it is enough for all this time i had been chasing u. Now, i want to let u go. When it is the right time, my future husband will show up in front of me. I don't want to find love and i don't want to give my words to anyone because i don't know either i can fulfill it or not.. How i can come up with this decision?

Both of my sister-in-law and i had been talking about my future. They ask me whether i choose to pursue my master nor work for a while. I keep thinking about pursue my master after i gain experience from work but somehow they said that it is better if i just continue taking my master if i want to become lecturer. Then, i said i want to work and then married. Then, they laughed and suggest to marry after i already complete my PHD. Even it is a long journey before i can get married but when i think about it again and again, i agreed with them. 

So, i think i have a lot of time to pursue my dream to marry someone. Let's stop thinking about love and think about your study first. Make your family happy, and then the happiness will come to you. Don't worry. Gambatte Kudasai. :)

*sorry if there are any errors in my writing. i want to improve my english.*
*and for my love, don't worry dear! i will not force you to love me. I just want you to know that i'm waiting for you. just let the time decide.*

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