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Surat layang menyentuh hatiku

-My lovely best friend-

Every single person in this world must have friends that accompany him/her include me. In this life, it’s very difficult to be alone moreover when we have a problem. Sometime the person can change our life. But not everyone has a good friend. I’m so lucky because I have a friend that always supports me. Her name is Hafizah Binti Ibrahim. She is my best friend forever and ever.

I just call her Fizah. She stays in her beautiful yellow painted house at Kg Alor Tembesu, Jalan Tok Fakir, Merchang, 21610 Marang, and Terengganu. She has a good looking eyes, nature beauty face, small lips and long black hair. She can attract many people with her pretty face. Moreover, she is the cutest between all my friend and I. She is a kind, hardworking, helpful and caring girl. She is a nature lover and likes adventure. Fizah has five siblings. Now she studies at MRSM Kuala Terengganu. Her father’s occupation is farmer. She’s not rich like anyone else. She just likes me. We always spend time together.

We start our friendship when we are in standard five. A long time ago, I live at kg Tok Fakir. It’s very far from her house but it’s near to my school. It’s just walking distance. But now I live near at her house. So, it is very convenient for me to meet with her. I always go there to finish our homework together. There is nothing can separate us. Sometime I really stress when I have a problem but she care about me. She always makes me calm down and relax.

I still remember my old attitude. I’m not like other girl. I’m not polite as now. My attitude is very bad so, many pupils don’t like me. Everyone hates me. I just don’t get it. Why everybody try to push me? I feel that I’m alone and in dark magic. It’s really worse. Every time I went to school, I always look at my watch. I don’t have self-confidence. My spiritual and emotional was down. I can’t think what is the best for me. And then I try to change my attitude but I fail. After that, fizah come to me. I push her. I feel that she same with other people. I don’t want anyone sympathize with my condition. I want a friend who sincere to accompany me. But she never gives up being my friend. After a few weeks, I realize that she really want to be my friend. I’m very happy because there is someone realizes that I exist in this world. She always support me whatever I do. Sometime she advises to change my habit. So, I try. And then I succeed. I’m really thankful because at last I can change with her help. My night mare was gone.

When I’m in form 1, I studied in the same class with her. I had been fight with her because we are in love with the same guy. It’s really embarrassed me. After that, we became enemy. I don’t know how we can back like a long time ago. Moreover, the guy was not in love with both of us. He already had a special girlfriend. I don’t want to be her enemy. She’s like my sibling. So, I try to get any hand from other person. I really can’t believe that the guy want to help me settle the problem. Thank to the guy because Fizah and I back again.

Until now, I’m still her friend. Nobody can replace her in my heart. She’s different. That why I really love her as my best friend. I hope she feel the same thing. Every second I spend with her is sweet memory. I don’t the same mistake when we were in form 1 happen again. I hope this relationship will continue until we die. THE END

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Fizah said...

bila baca je, bergenang air mata. huhu.